If your e-mail address is "webmail" type, as for example "Hotmail" or "Gmail", it is possible that our e-mails will not appear in your inbox. Please, add our e-mail address to your contact list: info@academiacile.com

E.g.: +99 999 999-9999


The courses always start on Monday, except private lessons.
The courses always end on Friday, except private lessons.



After receiving your enrolment CILE will confirm the booking by email. Reservations are booked in firm only on payment of a deposit of 150€ to our bank account within 10 days after having received our confirmation. The rest of the amount due may be paid either also to our bank account not later than two weeks before course commencement or paid in cash the first day of your course in our school office. All bank charges should be covered by the student.

IMPORTANT: If the "SEND" button does not work or if you do not receive the confirmation e-mail, it might be that the script has not loaded up correctly on your computer. In that case, please send us an e-mail with your details, type of the course you have chosen and the exact dates to info@academiacile.com.